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natalie stevens build in oz building home

‘Testimonials describe what has been and indicate what is to come’

“This very talented lady has so much love and light that she gives the world and now she is sharing her wisdom as well”  -Shelly




‘This workshop gave me the confidence to know I’ll be able to build my dream home and be satisfied with every decision along the way’ – Natalie


Everyday People

‘Natalie was fantastic at explaining the building/land purchase experience in a language that everyday people can understand’ – Zoe


Clears it up

‘A great source of information for anyone who is thinking of building.  Natalie clears up so many myths and misconceptions’ Matthew


An everyday mum

‘It was amazing to have the opportunity to learn about building from an everyday mum’ – Megan


The decider

‘Fantastic Workshop! I was interested the whole time as all the info was very useful.  This made my decision to build rather than buy an established home’ – Melissa


Down to earth

Natalie is very relaxed and down to earth with her advice and during her talks which makes it so much easier to understand.  You can tell how passionate and open she is to help those who want to build’ – Jesse



Pitching it

You smashed it last night Natalie, congrats on a great pitch and wonderful, high energy delivery  – Darren



‘Your passion and enthusiasm are a lesson to us all – success comes when you put 110% into something you truly believe in’ – Peter


Passion & Determination

From the outset you have shown passion and determination throughout the journey! Nothing is going to stop you achieving your dream! – Stav



Natalie is very approachable & friendly.  She is straight to the point with a genuine caring approach to her clients.  – Carlee



I really enjoyed listening to Natalie share her knowledge and expertise on an area I’m foreign to’ – Emily


Standing Up

‘You’re doing a great thing and it’s wonderful to see a woman stepping up in this male-dominated sector’ – Rachel


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