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Once upon a time I would have held a workshop that would tell you everything you needed to know about planning to build a new home.  Speaking with you one on one would have been my idea of a great time.  But times have changed and now I need that time to raise my family.  The good news is however that I I’ve packaged up the whole process so that you can get 100% of the benefit of attending a full day workshop that would see you 100% equipped to enter into the process of planning to build a new home with confidence knowing that you had every base covered.

I’ve created a first of it’s kind online course that gives you a personal guided tour through my very own process of planning to build a home.

I’m with you every step of the way and together we’ll cut through the fog and you’ll be amazed at how the big hard decisions can be transformed into simple sensible decisions. In fact, what I love most about us coming together isn’t only that I’m sharing with you a process I love, but that I’m able to give you a really amazing gift, one that money can’t buy.  Control.  You’ll feel 100% in control as you move through the steps.

You can always build something for less than what it cost you to buy it. Choosing to build has given my family our best lifestyle. We feel proud knowing we’ve made every cent count. We feel clever knowing we don’t pay tens of thousands of dollars in agent commissions and Stamp Duty fees. But most of all, we feel blessed for the beautiful privilege of choice. The choice to build in the first place.

This is your golden opportunity to have more lifestyle for less within an industry that has been shrouded in mystery and fear for years.  Well, not any more, not on my watch.  Come along to the Building Home Workshop and let the journey towards your best lifestyle begin…


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