The philosophy that I bring to my work is…
“the happiest of families are not the ones who have the best of everything, they are the ones who make the best of everything they have”

I’m thrilled you’re here

2003 was a great year. It’s the year I became a mum. By 2009, my husband Sam and I had brought four beautiful souls into the world. These seven years not only gave me the extraordinary gift of motherhood, but it also gave me the chance to spend quality time with amazing families from a variety of backgrounds.  During this time, I came to learn that most families shared the frustration of needing to upgrade their home during a time in their life when they could afford it the least. I could see how families were desperate for a solution that would give them more lifestyle for less. The flame that sparked my passion was ignited the moment I realised that I knew one way they could have that.

I knew how building a home could give them that.

The Book

BUILDING HOME – The 5 step journey to building your best lifestyle. Learn how building unleashes a mountain of value that few families know exists.

Home Build in a Box

Home Build in a Box is a simple system for planning to build a new home.  It shows families where to start, where to turn and what to look out for along the way.

Build In Oz

Natalie is the founder of Build in Oz, where the happiest of families aren’t the ones who have the best of everything, but the ones who make the best of everything they have.

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Natalie is the key contributor to the articles and resources found at buildinoz.com.au

Playing a bigger game

B1G1 makes it possible for me to give back to the world in meaningful ways everyday

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When you visited this website something wonderful happened. You gave a young girl in Cambodia 5 days access to a bicycle as a mode of transportation to go to school.  By providing a bicycle, you’ve given a sustainable, joyful, and empowering form of transportation to a child at risk of child sex trafficking.  In Cambodia, children are often forced to drop out of school because they live too far away, and when a child isn’t in school they are at risk.

I believe

I believe that those in business have the power to give back through their everyday business activities.  Making a donation on your behalf is a simple, yet powerful example of putting this belief into action.  This has been made possible through my lifetime partnership with the global giving movement B1G1: Business for Good.  So thank you, not only for visiting this site, but for also making a huge difference in a child’s life.  Together, we’ve made an impact.

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