Pottery Workshops Warrnambool

Pottery Workshops Warrnambool

Natalie Stevens
Ceramic Designer

When you spend time crafting something beautiful, you're celebrating your own spirit and creating a moment that will last forever.

Join me on a creative journey...



I believe that the greatest art is made when you're not just creating something beautiful, but when you're creating something that holds meaning for you. Whether it's a treasured piece of artwork that can be passed down through generations or simply a way to express yourself, there's no better way to spend your time than creating art. 

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Connect with clay

Picture yourself in a warm and snug room, surrounded by soft candlelight, with your hands immersed in clay. You feel the coolness of the clay as you shape it, moulding it into a beautiful vessel. As you work, you feel a sense of connection to the countless generations of people who have created pottery before you. You feel a sense of peace and contentment, knowing that you are continuing a tradition that has brought joy and beauty to people's lives for thousands of years.


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3 hr workshop - $200

Rockpool Holding Bowls

NEXT DATE: 27th September 2023

Drift away and be guided through the step by step process of creating a stunning collection of nine serene holding bowls that are inspired by the texture and formations of the Rockpool formations found around Thunder Point along South West Victoria's Shipwreck Coast.  This is three hours of Zen filled creativity using a variety of rare Black Earth, Milk and Raku clays.  This workshop is the ideal introduction to working with clay.

Expect the unexpected.  It's mesmerising.

3hr workshops - $200

Beginners Wheel Throwing

NEXT DATE: 21st September 2023

Using hand-building techniques we'll work together to produce a unique and special vase that's 100% authentically you!

3 hr workshop - $120

Beginners Handmade Mugs

NEXT DATE: 26th September 2023
Is there really anything more joyful that drinking from a cup you’ve crafted yourself?  Taking a piece of earth, moulding it into your ideal shape, attaching a handle (or not), having it fired and then glazed… It’s unbeatable.   You’ll recall fondly this day with every future sip you take.  Plus, it makes for a great conversation starter over a cuppa!
Mugs make the ideal gift for a loved one.
3hr workshops - $200

Large Handmade Vases

NEXT DATE: 16th November 2023

Using hand-building techniques we'll work together to produce a unique and special vase that's 100% authentically you!

2 x 3hr workshops - $200

Beginners Windchimes

NEXT DATE: 8th November 2023

Get quirky and creative with shapes, textures and colours as we embark on an adventure of fun filled creativity.  The wind-chimes workshop lets you go ‘simple and stylish' or 'all out quirky’ in what has been my most fascinating workshop yet.  I just never know what you’ll come up with!  This workshop has an upbeat vibe that evokes curiosity and interest as each person brings their wind-chime shapes, beads and bobs to life.
full day workshop - $250

Quirky Planters

NEXT DATE: 12th November 2023

The Quirky Planters workshop combines slab, coil and pinch hand-building techniques to produce a unique collection of 3 character planter pots that look divine planted out with succulents. The variation in sizes reflects a 'family' like display of your individual pieces that will be a talking point for years to come.

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