I’ll help you plan to build your new home the right way

building a new home natali stevens

If you're building your DREAM home with an unlimited budget then don't waste any more of your valuable time here. But if you want to build your BEST home for the budget you have then stick around.

Most of us will start our building journey by talking to a builder. And sure, whilst chatting with builders is the FUN place to start, it might not always be the SMART place to start. Don't worry, we don't leave them out altogether (they're a valuable part of the equation after all) but it's just not where I suggest you START.

So often I get asked 'so if I want xyz home, how much do you think that will that cost me?' 🤷‍♀️ When I explain how difficult that can be to answer, they reply with, 'just give me a ball-park figure'. I then go on to ask if the ball-park is the Porberneit Oval or the MCG? More often than not they'll tell me that it's somewhere in the middle 😳

Most of us think we know how much money we have to spend but do we really know how much money we HAVE to spend? I'm edging my bets on no.

Here's the absolute BEST way to start your home building journey. You nail your budget. And when I say nail, I mean NAIL. It's the #1 biggest and best thing you can do to save yourself:

  1. From wasting a bucket load of valuable time and resources.
  2. Walking away with a broken heart.
  3. Putting yourself in financial hardship when you're unknowingly commit to spending more money than you actually have.

And then, I FLIP the traditional (salesperson driven) process of planning to build ON ITS HEAD. Because here's the wake up call Aussies who want to own a better home need. And I really want you to think about this for a bit. "The process you use to buy is defined by the process they use to sell'. Have you thought about it? It sounds like a riddle so I'll explain. When someone has something to sell to you, you are being influenced to do things in a way that maximises profit/commission for them. Often, you'll be drip fed information how and when it suits them.

I don't want that for you!

I want you to have the basics under your belt so that you can make the best decisions for you. And to achieve that, you need to do this: You need to take your REAL budget and reverse engineer the process of PLANNING to build a new home so that you can get a lot more home, but for less money.

And, know ALL your costs from the beginning.

There’s one simple way to achieve that for yourself. You need to know what they AREN'T telling you. Surely you’ll agree how it’s got to be beneficial to know what questions you need to ask of who and when. It's not hard to know these things. We are talking about some very basic things here. Things like taking 20 mins to learn about site costs, taking 10 mins to learn about land development timeframes, taking 15 mins to learn about the differences between working with a volume builder and a custom builder. 10 mins to learn about what your options are for getting the best floorplan... Who doesn't want to take just one small moment in time to create a home that might be worth more than what it cost you to build it (equity).

Taking just TWO or so hours to learn the basics of PLANNING to build the RIGHT way could save you from literally spending tens of thousands of dollars more than you needed to, wanted to, or expected to on your new home.

I want you to be able to squeeze every last cent out of your building budget so that you can enjoy that extra something with your somebody special. So you can live with just a bit less stress than you might have otherwise had you gone ahead and built a home without knowing some of the things you should know.

I'm here to answer any questions about planning to build, so fire away... I'm here! Otherwise you can visit https://buildinoz.com.au/building-home to learn more about how I’m helping Aussies right across Australia build their BEST home…. Nat x